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Score Choice™

SAT Score-Reporting Policy

Designed to reduce student stress and improve the test-day experience, Score Choice is a score-reporting feature that gives students the option to choose the SAT scores by test date and SAT Subject Test scores by individual test that they send to colleges, in accordance with each institution's individual score-use practice. This allows students to put their best foot forward on test day by giving them more flexibility in score reporting. Score Choice is optional, and if students choose not to use it, all scores will be sent automatically.

Colleges set their own score-use practices, which may vary from college to college. Different colleges use test scores in different ways and a "one size fits all" approach to college admissions does not reflect the diverse needs of colleges and universities. The College Board enables participating colleges to display their SAT score-use practices directly to students on This information is presented at the time that students are asked to send scores.

Students are encouraged to follow the score-reporting requirements of each college to which they apply, but their scores are not released for admission purposes without their specific consent. Colleges and universities will only receive the scores that students send them, except for certain college and university systems where, once a score is submitted to one school, other schools within that system will also have access to that score. Please note, however, that it is still important for students who are applying to more than one school within a college or university system to send their SAT scores to each individual school.

Colleges, universities, scholarship programs, and educational organizations that participate in the Student Search Service® can request a list of student names by searching one or more attributes from the Student Data Questionnaire. If a student opts in to the Student Search Service and appears in an institution’s search, the following student-specific information is sent to the institution: name, postal address, gender, birth date, school, grade level, ethnic identification (if provided), intended college major (if provided), and email address (if provided). The following information will NEVER be provided to an institution: self-reported disability, self-reported parental education, self-reported parental income, social security number, phone numbers and actual test scores.

Handouts & Presentations

SAT Score-Reporting Policy —Score Choice (pdf/185.51K)

Two-page PDF overview of Score Choice and answers to frequently asked questions.

SAT Score-Use Practices List (pdf/1.2MB)

Score-use practices, listed alphabetically by participating institution as of November 2009

Score Choice Presentation for Juniors, PPT version (ppt/899.5K)

PowerPoint presentation for juniors.

Note: the PowerPoint file is locked. Select "Read Only" when the prompt appears to access the presentation.

Score Choice Presentation for Juniors, PDF version (pdf/380.93K)

PDF version of the above presentation

Score Choice Tutorial (Flash)

NOTE: This tutorial will take you outside of the Professionals area of the College Board website. Please bookmark this page now if you want to return after reviewing the tutorial.

See how the easy-to-use score-reporting process works. Install Adobe® Flash® Player to view tutorial.

Fast facts

  • Students can select which scores they send to colleges by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests™.
  • Scores from an entire SAT test are sent—scores of individual sections from different test dates cannot be selected independently for sending.
  • Students can send any or all scores to a college on a single report—it does not cost more to send one, multiple or all test scores.
  • Students are instructed to follow the different score-use practice for each college to which they apply.
  • Score Choice is optional—if students do not use it, all scores will be sent automatically.
  • Score Choice can be used on any score report that students send: the four score reports available through online or phone registration (applying to already scored tests) and additional score reports.
  • Score Choice functionality is available to all students via the Web or by calling Customer Service toll free (within the United States).

About registration score sends

  • Students receive four free score reports with their SAT registration fee. We continue to recommend that students take full advantage of the four free score reports included with their registration.
  • These score reports are meant to encourage immediate and early reporting of scores to colleges, even before the results are seen.
  • The College Board processes scores for each SAT as quickly as possible after the test date. Scores are simultaneously sent to students, colleges, universities, and scholarship programs. Improvements in our overall score reporting process have successfully reduced the turnaround time for additional score reports.


Q:  Is Score Choice available for both SAT and SAT Subject Tests score reports?

A:  Yes. Students can select which scores they send to colleges by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests.

Q:  Does using Score Choice cost more?

A:  No. This feature can be used on any score report sent (the four score reports available through registration or additional score reports) at no additional cost to students. Our pricing policy, with respect to additional score reports, has not changed.

Q:  Does Score Choice disadvantage students who don't take the test multiple times?

A:  No. Research shows that students generally see modest score increases upon taking the test a second time. If there are gains from further testing, they tend to be even smaller.

Q:  What if students do not abide by a college's or university's score-use practice?

A:  As a matter of integrity, students are expected to follow college admissions policies, and the same is true with respect to a student's sending of test scores to colleges. Students are responsible for complying with the admissions requirements of the colleges, universities, and scholarship programs to which they apply.

Q:  Is there a loophole that allows colleges to "opt out" of Score Choice?

A:  Colleges cannot "opt out of" or "reject" Score Choice. Score Choice is a feature available to students. Colleges set their own policies and practices regarding the use of test scores. The College Board does not release SAT test scores without student consent. This continues under Score Choice. Colleges, universities, and scholarship programs will receive the scores applicants send to them.

Q:  Does Score Choice affect other aspects of SAT registration and score-report timing, policies or processes?

A:  No. Score Choice allows students to select which scores are sent to institutions. It does not affect score-report timing or other policies and procedures that are not directly related to sending score reports.

Q: Should SAT scores be reported on high school transcripts?

A: The SAT Program recommends that schools do not place SAT scores on students' high school transcripts that are sent to colleges. Schools should encourage students to send official score reports to colleges. If a school still decides to send scores on a transcript, the SAT Program recommends that a school receive official consent from the student, parent or guardian before doing so.

Q: Does Score Choice affect score sends?

A: All test scores are automatically sent to institutions with each score report if a student does not actively choose to use Score Choice. However, if a student chooses to use Score Choice, then the College Board will send only the scores that a student selects when sending a score report. This means that colleges cannot assume that all score reports include all student scores.

The method of score delivery (e.g., paper, CD, or Electronic Score Reports) is not affected by Score Choice. However, the College Board no longer automatically reports cumulative scores (a student's entire record of SAT scores). In the event a student requests that the College Board send a second score report to an institution, the second report will only include the unique set of scores selected by the student, which may or may not contain scores previously sent.

Important Note: When a student chooses to send all of their SAT scores each time they send a score report, they may choose not to send all of their SAT Subject Test™ scores on each report. Due to this, it is important to retain all of the score information sent by the College Board on behalf of the student.

Q: What's the best way to keep track of students' scores?

A: Since score reports may not reflect students' cumulative record of SAT scores, we recommend that institutions keep all score reports for each potential candidate. Regardless of whether an institution receives paper score reports, electronic score reports or CD score reports, the only way to ensure an institution has a record of all scores that a student has sent is to retain every report.

Note: Electronic systems that automatically delete and replace score records may not accurately reflect a student's full performance.

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