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Greenhouse Grants for the Midwestern Region

2013 Public Service Outreach Greenhouse Program

Receive up to $5,000 to pilot an innovative public service outreach program.

The Public Service Outreach Greenhouse "seeds" the start-up of public service outreach projects in College Board member institutions. We encourage you to submit a proposal for a program that:

  • Reaches targeted low-income and disadvantaged student populations
  • Attends to education needs that your institution is not yet meeting
  • Identifies new service opportunities consistent with and supportive of their missions and the mission of the College Board

Funded projects will provide currently underserved populations with activities that advance the objective of educational excellence for all students. Project activities should focus on student academic development, professional development, guidance, assessment or financial aid services.

Visit our website to confirm whether your institution is a College Board member. Please note that only representatives from College Board member institutions may submit proposals, though projects may include collaborative efforts with nonmember institutions. Nonmember institutions may collaborate with member institutions, but the former may not lead a project seeking funding. College Board Trustees and regional council member representatives are not eligible to submit applications.

College Board member institutions will be eligible for a pre-determined amount of financial assistance for 12 months from the College Board for start-up projects supported through the Greenhouse Fund. Through an internal associational Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the Midwestern regional council of the College Board, composed of representatives of member institutions, is seeking proposals that meet specific eligibility criteria. Proposal submissions will be evaluated by the council.

The Midwestern regional council will provide assistance to at least one project per year. Assistance will continue for a maximum of 12 months, and the support is nonrenewable. Project progress will be monitored by the regional staff and reported to the regional council.

Submission deadline

Proposals must be received by April 5, 2013. Please submit your proposal to:

The College Board
Midwestern Regional Office
8700 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Suite 900N
Chicago, IL 60631
Fax: (847) 653-4528

Submit a proposal

When submitting a proposal, please be sure to include the following:

Executive summary

The one-page summary must clearly describe the institutional mission, purpose of the proposal project, and dollar amount of the request.

Proposal narrative

The proposal should be limited to five single-spaced pages stating the need, describing the project plan, and discussing how the effort would be sustained beyond the term of the assistance. Please include the following in your narrative:

  • Expected outcomes of the project, and methods that will be used to measure those outcomes; and
  • Current and potential sources for support of the project during the first 12 months and for following years

Additional requirements


  • Project costs for a maximum of 12 months and use of funds over the term of the project must be indicated
  • Funding may not be applied against the salary of the primary person(s) responsible for implementation of the project
  • No more than 33 percent of the assistance may be used for the purchase of equipment

Institution profile

  • Provide a current profile or fact sheet of the applying school, college, university, organization or agency

Project director

  • Include a brief biography or résumé

Letters of support and commitment

  • Submit a letter of support from a senior officer of the applying institution; and letter(s) of commitment and support from the organizations/institutions that will be served through the project, and from those that will provide supplemental resources, as appropriate

Evaluation criteria

Criteria for evaluating proposal projects include new and creative means for advancing the goals of excellence and equity that measure student preparation for and access to higher education, particularly among traditionally underserved student populations.

The degree and/or extent:

  • Activities provide an educational public service; that is, they promote policies, programs and services that increase student preparation for and access to higher education, particularly among traditionally underserved student populations
  • Activities are related to student academic development, teacher or counselor professional development, school counseling, assessment or financial aid services
  • Activities are innovative, catalytic and sustainable
  • Assistance is provided by the participating institutions and/or local foundations, agencies or other contributors
  • Activities are targeted toward low-income student populations and their families and have a direct and immediate impact on the students' readiness for college
  • Activities build upon existing efforts in the community with proven track records of successes
  • Project would attract or generate funds to ensure continuation beyond the term of the assistance
  • Proposed outcomes are measurable
  • Budget reflects project need

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