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Verifying Scores

How your students can verify their SAT Subject Test scores

Use this information to help students who are concerned about the accuracy of their scores decide what steps to take.

Following answer sheet guidelines

Reassure your students that the College Board scanning process is subject to careful and systematic quality control to ensure accuracy. However, the student also has a responsibility to help ensure accuracy by following these guidelines, which are published in our test and practice materials and are given to all test-takers:

  • Test-takers must use a No. 2 pencil and a soft eraser. They may not use a pen or mechanical pencil.
  • The entire circle must be filled in darkly and completely.
  • Changed responses must be erased as completely as possible.

If the student's marks conform to the published instructions for marking the answer sheet, the scanning and scoring processes, combined with the quality control procedures, are designed to produce an accurate score.

Multiple-choice hand score verification

A student who believes the process did not produce an accurate multiple-choice score can request a multiple-choice hand score verification. This means:

  • The entire answer sheet is manually reviewed—students cannot request verification of scores for a single test section.
  • If the student's marks conform to the published instructions for marking the answer sheet, but there was an irregularity in the scanning or scoring process, or both, the score may change. In this circumstance, the student's:
    • Adjusted score is automatically reported
    • Score verification fee is refunded
  • If we determine that the student made an obvious error in filling in the information on the answer sheet (such as, but not limited to, placing answers in the wrong section of the answer sheet or improperly recording the test identifying code), the score may change. In this circumstance the student's:
    • Adjusted score is automatically reported
    • Score verification fee is not refunded
  • If the marks did not follow the published guidelines, the student's:
    • Scores do not change
    • Score verification fee is not refunded
    Examples of nonconforming marks include (but are not limited to): using slashes, not completely or darkly filling in the answer circles, or filling in multiple circles in the same answer row/column. For student-produced responses, only answers that are gridded will be scored; the student will not receive credit for anything written in the boxes.

Requesting score verification

A student can request a multiple-choice hand score verification or essay score verification, or both, by completing a Request for SAT Score Verification Form and submitting the request in writing. Encourage any student considering score verification to read the information that comes with the form carefully before requesting this service. Students can also call Customer Service (this link takes you to the student section of this website) to request the form.

The hand score verification process is performed only once per test, using all information available. If a student has information that could affect the results of the verification process, he or she should report it to Customer Service at the same time that he or she submits the form.

  • Hand score verification cannot be appealed or reordered.
  • Requests can be made up to five months after the test date.
  • There is a score verification fee required to cover the costs associated with investigating scores. This score verification fee is reduced for fee-waiver users.

Results of score verification

We will mail the student a letter confirming the score verification results within three to five weeks after the student's signed request and payment are received. We will refund the student’s score verification fee only if the change in scores was due to an irregularity in the scanning and/or scoring process. In cases where the score changes, score recipients will be notified of corrected scores by letter.

Important Note: Score verification may result in higher or lower scores than the scores first reported. Adjusted scores are final and will be reported to all score recipients.

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