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Information about using accommodations on AP Exams

To take Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) Exams with testing accommodations, students with disabilities must have their accommodations approved by the College Board. See Applying for Accommodations for more information.

The following information provides an overview of accommodations on AP Exams. See the AP SSD Guidelines (.pdf/811KB) for specific guidelines for administering AP Exams to students testing with accommodations.

Ordering AP Exams for students with disabilities

The AP Coordinator should work with the school’s SSD Coordinator to determine which students are approved to use accommodations. Note that the accommodations for which a student is approved for College Board tests may differ from the accommodations that are approved by the school.

Nonstandard AP Exams, as well as regular format exams taken by students with accommodations, are ordered online by the AP Coordinator, at School Ordering Services, when they place their order for standard exams. Examples of nonstandard exam formats that can be ordered online include Braille, large-block answer sheets, and 14- and 20-point large print. A special electronic order form is available on the AP Exam ordering website for multiple-day testing exams, listening and speaking/sight-singing scripts for world language and Music Theory exams, and large-type exams greater than 20-point. See the AP Coordinator's Manual for more detailed information about ordering these exams.

Administering AP Exams with extended time

After a student has been approved by the College Board’s SSD Office, the student will receive a letter specifying the exact accommodations granted. The school's roster on SSD Online and the student’s letter each indicate the percentage of extended time the student is allowed, if any. Students can be approved for up to five types of extended time for AP Exams: reading, writing, listening, speaking or sight-singing, and mathematical calculations. Extended testing time should only be allowed for the part(s), or section(s) of the exam for which the student has been approved, based upon his or her disability. The AP Coordinator’s Manual contains detailed information about administering AP Exams with extended time, including tables for determining the appropriate 50 percent or 100 percent extended testing time for each part of an AP Exam, and guidelines for determining extended time for AP Exams in world languages and Music Theory.

Completing the Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR)

An AP Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR) must be completed for each student approved for testing accommodations by the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office, for each AP Exam taken. The timing record portion of the NAR only needs to be completed for students approved for extended time.

Before the Exam

  1. The SSD Coordinator logs in to SSD Online and generates an AP NAR for each student taking an AP Exam this year by clicking the "Create Nonstandard Administration Report" link on the Dashboard and selecting the 'AP' option.
    • Print extra copies or make photocopies for students taking multiple AP Exams.
    • If needed, a blank NAR, may be downloaded at Coordinating the Exam
  2. The SSD Coordinator reviews each NAR. For students approved for extended time:
    • Review which types of extended time (i.e., reading, writing, mathematical calculations, listening, speaking and/or sight-singing) have been approved, and the percentage of extended time approved for each type. Refer to the AP Coordinator’s Manual which include tables listing the standard time as well as 50% and 100% extended testing time for each exam. 
    • Write in the total amount of testing time approved, and in the "Approved" column write the approved testing time for each part and each section.
  3. The SSD Coordinator provides the NARs to the AP Coordinator. The AP Coordinator completes the following fields: Exam Date, AP Number, Exam Code, and Exam Title.

Students approved for accommodations must notify the proctor before the exam if they want to test without these accommodations. Students under 18 must provide the school with a signed parental waiver accepting this change.

During the Exam

  1. For students approved for extended time only, the proctor should record in the "Used" column of each student's NAR the exact amount of time used per part, the total time used for each section, and any additional break times.
  2. Sign and date where indicated.

After the Exam

The AP Coordinator places completed NARs in the Nonstandard Administration Report Return Envelope, and includes the envelope in the return exam shipment:

  • For regular format exam shipments: Attach (with paper clips) corresponding scannable answer sheets used for nonstandard exam administrations and regular format-exam booklets, and include tapes or CDs, if any.
  • For Braille or 14-/20-point large-type exam shipments: Attach (with paper clips) corresponding large-block or scannable answer sheets. If all materials do not fit in the envelope, wrap the envelope around the materials and secure them with an elastic band.

For More Information

All SSD and AP Coordinators should review the AP Coordinator’s Manual section on "Exams for Students with Disabilities," to prepare for nonstandard administrations. If you have any questions contact us.

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