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AP Downloads & Materials Ordering

Ordering AP Publications

  • College Board Store: Students and educators can shop here for a variety of AP teaching and learning resources.
  • Free AP Publications: Use this online form to order printed copies of the AP Program's free publications for your school.


Requires Adobe Reader (latest version recommended).

General Information
Share AP Website. Downloadable materials educators can use to introduce students and parents to AP courses and exams. Includes the AP student brochure, AP parent brochure, student posters, a customizable parent’s night PowerPoint presentation, links to other resources and more. Materials in English and Spanish. Education Professional, Students, Parents
AP and Higher Education (.pdf/803.4K) Publication. This booklet for higher education administrators and educators provides resources and information to help inform AP policies at colleges and universities. It includes recent research on AP and an overview of how AP Exams are developed and scored, with an emphasis on the role that college and university faculty play throughout the process.

Subject-specific policy guides for higher education are available for download on the Credit and Placement Policy page.
Education Professional
How to Start an AP Course Website. Discover the 7 steps to start an AP course at your school. Find estimated course costs and links to useful information and resources. Education Professional

AP Coordinator Information
AP Program Guide 2015-16 (.pdf/1.91 MB) Publication. Written for both AP Coordinators and school administrators, this guide provides information about the AP Program and the various stages of the AP year, from starting an AP program at a school, through ordering, administering, returning, and paying for exams. Test Coordinator, K-12 Administrator
AP Coordinator's Manual (.pdf/6MB)
Publication. Written for AP Coordinators. This is the primary reference for all aspects of administering AP Exams. Test Coordinator
AP Exam Instructions Proctor scripts and instructions for administering AP Exams – available soon. Test Coordinator, Proctor
Preadministration Instructions   Publication. This booklet provides detailed information about holding a preadministration session and includes a script and a sample 2015 AP answer sheet. Test Coordinator, Proctor
Preadministration Session PowerPoint (.ppt/2.7MB)  PowerPoint Presentation. Helps Coordinators or proctors hold a time-saving preadministration session, where students complete identifying information on their answer sheets so they won’t have to take time to do this on exam day. Test Coordinator, Proctor
Recording Student Reponses Using a Computer Supplemental instructions for administering the recorded portion of the world language and Music Theory exams using a PC or Mac. Test Coordinator, Proctor
AP Coordinator Newsletter Archive Archived copies of this year's newsletters, which include important updates, reminders about upcoming events and deadlines, professional development opportunities, and other useful news about AP courses and exams. Test Coordinator, K-12 Administrator
AP SSD Guidelines   
Publication. This booklet provides guidelines for administering AP Exams for students testing with accommodations . Test Coordinator, SSD Coordinator, Proctor
AP Participation Form (.pdf/111K) Form: This form, completed by the AP Coordinator and the principal, allows schools to participate in the AP Program each year. Test Coordinator, K-12 Administrator

Exam Administration Resources

2015-16 AP Coordinator Planning Calendar (.pdf/394KB)

Checklist. This calendar is designed to help AP Coordinators plan their schools' AP Exam administrations. Test Coordinator, K-12 Administrator

Sample Exam-Taker Agreement (.rtf/54K)

Template. Coordinators whose schools require AP students to sign agreements at the start of the school year can download this starter template. Note: These agreements are driven by local school policy; the AP Program does not require or endorse their use. Test Coordinator

2016 Proctor Training Instructions (.pdf/1MB)

Script. Coordinators can use this script to train proctors for the paper-based AP Exams. Test Coordinator

Fee Reduction/Section Designation Form for AP Chinese and Japanese Exams on CD (.pdf/109KB)

Form. Coordinators should use this form to designate fee reduction options and/or class sections for students taking the AP Chinese or Japanese Exams on CD – available soon. Test Coordinator

AP Exams on CD Scratch Paper (.pdf/99KB)

Template. Coordinators should photocopy this template on colored paper and have at least three sheets and a pencil available for each student taking the AP Chinese or Japanese Exams on CD – available soon. Test Coordinator

2016 AP Coordinator's Incident Report (IR) Form (.pdf/116KB)

Form. Coordinators should use this form to report incidents during the exam administration. Test Coordinator

AP Exam Seating Chart (.pdf/369KB)

Form. Coordinators should complete and submit this form only in the event of suspected misconduct or an exam security problem. Test Coordinator

Archived Score Request Form (.pdf/162K)

Template. Four years after a student's test date, AP scores are removed from our active computer files and archived. Students should use this form to request archived copies of their score reports. AP Services must receive a signed and written request, and the fee is $25 per college. Test Coordinator

Spreadsheet for 2016 AP Proctor Scheduling and Room Organization (.xls/27K)

Template. This spreadsheet template is a powerful tool for the logistical planning that AP Coordinators need to do each spring. Test Coordinator

Spreadsheet for Keeping Track of Student Exams 2016 (.xls/28K)

Template. Spreadsheet for tracking student registration, exam orders, fees and fee reductions, etc. Test Coordinator

Letters to Students: On-Site Testing (.rtf/78K)
Off-Site Testing (.rtf/85K)

Template. AP Coordinators can modify and send these letter templates to their students as the AP Exam administration approaches. Both letters contain information on what students should and shouldn't bring to the exams, where the exams are, when they need to arrive, and more. Test Coordinator

Sample Student Registration Form (.doc/26K)

Template. AP Coordinators can download this sample form and revise it to meet their schools' needs. Test Coordinator

Data and Reports
AP Data 2015 Visit this page to download AP data reports and statistical tables from the 2014-15 academic year. Education Professional

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