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Talking to Parents

How to talk to parents about College Board testing accommodations

Many students and their parents believe that because the student receives accommodations at school, he or she automatically will be eligible for the same accommodations on College Board tests. You may need to help the student (and his/her parents) understand that what will determine the appropriate accommodations on College Board tests are College Board's eligibility requirements and Guidelines for Documentation.

When your school's services for students with disabilities align with the College Board Guidelines, and you verify this on a student's Form, he or she is eligible for accommodations on College Board tests. In some cases, however, students who receive accommodations in school do not require accommodations on College Board tests.

For more information on College Board Eligibility Requirements, see:

What is a good way to discuss accommodations on College Board tests with parents of students wishing to take College Board tests with accommodations?

When you first talk with parents of students seeking accommodations on College Board tests, consider providing them with a copy of the "Dear Parent" letter (.pdf/43K).

It is also available in Spanish (.pdf/50K).

It was written to help families understand the College Board's eligibility process for testing accommodations based on disability. As you will see, the letter explains the College Board's eligibility process. It tells parents that school-based procedures for identifying and receiving accommodations may differ from the College Board's procedures.

The letter also:

  • Encourages parents to look to school officials for help in completing the requests for accommodations and disability documentation, instead of expecting them to be the decision–makers.
  • Explains that the Eligibility and Documentation Guidelines were established by the College Board to ensure that each student with a disability receives appropriate accommodations on its tests.

You may wish to go through the letter with your students and their parents to ensure that they understand that the College Board's Eligibility and Documentation Guidelines must be met, and that the accommodations approved by the school for classroom work are not automatically those appropriate for College Board tests.

Can students (and their parents) apply directly to the College Board for accommodations on our tests?

Yes, students and parents may request accommodations without the participation of their school by using a paper Student Eligibility Form. These forms can be obtained from the College Board Services for Students with Disabilties (SSD).  Students should complete Sections I and III of the Student Eligibility Form, and send the form, with documentation of their disability, directly to the College Board. The College Board will review the documentation to determine if it meets the Guidelines and if the requested accommodations are substantiated.

Students and parents may find directions in the Instructions for Completing the Student Eligibility Form and the school would not be involved in providing direct information.

For more information, see Services for Students with Disabilities (in the Student section of this website).

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